We have just added a new and exciting payment option for you folks to take advantage of when buying your Popcultcha Merch, but like any program there are always terms and conditions. Listed below are the T&C's to see if this new payment option is open to you.

  1. You must select Afterpay at checkout. (Cannot be offered retrospectively)
  2. You must reside in Australia.
  3. You must have an Australian Payment Card.
  4. You must be over 18 Years of Age.
  5. Your Purchase must be or greater than $100.00 AUD. (After any discounts)
  6. Your Purchase must not exceed $2,000 AUD. 
  7. You must supply a mobile phone number for verification purposes.
  8. You must have a verifiable address.
  9. You must agree to 4 X Fortnightly Payments. (No variations of this time frame) 
  10. You order must consist of IN STOCK items only. (Pre-order items are unavailable for purchase via Afterpay) 
  11. Full terms and conditions for Afterpay can be found here (You are bound by Afterpays T&C's when placing an order with this method) 
  12. These T&C's can change without notice so please check back before placing any new orders. 
  13. Afterpay cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.

Afterpay is a payment option provided to Popcultcha, they are the deciding party for approving or declining this payment option on your order. Popcultcha have no say in this and cannot offer any reasons to why an order may be declined. If you have any queries regarding declines you can contact Afterpay direct. 


Change in Price on Preorder Products

Pre-Order products are those that are not available for sale now, but will be released sometime in the future. These can be found all throughout our site and are denoted by an orange “Pre-Order” status, rather than a green “In Stock” status.

Invariably, due to a number of factors, including FX rate fluctuations, shipping and weight changes/costs and manufacturer’s price changes, the price of a pre-order product may be changed once it arrives and switches to an “In Stock Item”.

These price changes can go both ways, the item may become more expensive, or a price drop may result.

How do we deal with these price changes on pre-order products here at Popcultcha?

1. If the price increases on arrival - we will still honour the price at the time you made your purchase, regardless of whether you paid in full or simply paid a $100 deposit to secure the piece. This becomes super important on high end items such as Hot Toys, Statues and Replicas where a slight fluctuation in FX rate can have a material impact on the AUD RRP of the piece. So you can be comforted to know that by locking in a pre-order at Popcultcha, you are locking in that price, at the time you place that pre-order, it will never increase on you upon arrival. However, we do, from time to time, need to increase prices on arrival and those that HAVE NOT pre-ordered the piece will be subject to that new price when it is made “In Stock” on the website. Therefore, PRE-ORDER YOUR STUFF @ POPCULTCHA!!! It guarantees you reservation of the item and a locked in price in AUD that will never increase on you.

2. If the price decreases on arrival - Yay for you the Popcultcha pre-order customer! Why? Because we don’t want you to be disadvantaged by having done the right thing and pre-ordered the product at the higher price. We’ll give that price difference back you by way of a Popcultcha Gift Voucher for you to use on a future purchase! It is important to note that we do not refund this price differential in cash.

Thanks for shopping with us at Popcultcha! Hassle Free Pre-Orders! 

Exchange Rates

As we are an Australia company and deal with Australian currency your order will come up in both currencies when you finalise. You will see  eg: US/UK pricing and then in AUD. (Which can be higher depending on our dollar) It is that "Grand Total To Be Charged" which is the Australian Dollar (AUD) value that will be deducted from your account.

Depending on what the Australian dollar is trading at currently compared to your local currency there could be a major or minimal difference, but rest assure you only pay the equivalent in your local currency as the AUD value is the amount paid.

Please be aware that we also try to have the most up to date currency rates at all times but with fluctuations in the international currency rates every day we cannot guarantee it. Please use the converted prices on on our website as a guide only as there can be some slight differences between what is shown and what is charged. 

We also cannot guarantee what exchange rates Paypal use at any given time so there can also be a slight variance from their end.

For further details about Paypal's exchange rates, which also includes a Currency Conversion Fee and Additional Fees please visit their website. 

As we deal in Australian Currency in the end that is all we get, the Australian Dollar Value (Grand Total To Be Charged) of the orders total which is shown. 

For Australian customers - if you are using a VPN or IP blocker this will alter your location to the website and may alter the way prices are shown. If you are using such a device we are not liable for any price discrepancies that are shown on your end and you may be liable for further costs on said order.  

Fraud Checking System

As much as we'd love to have no issues with fraudulent activity, the reality is that it's a part of any online business and we have not been spared from it. In order to combat this ever growing issue we have had to implement a new Fraud Detection System called "Signifyd" to monitor all orders being placed on our website to curb this continuing loss of products and funds. Please note that as of May 2017 all orders now go through the following processing.

New Order Process

01: All orders placed on our website are scanned by our third party program "Signifyd" to determine if any irregularities are present. 

02: If no irregularities are found your order will continue to be processed as per the normal processing time frames without interruption. 

03: If irregularities are found your order will go on Temporary Hold and we will contact you to gain further information. A few examples to why we may need to contact you below. 

  • We may need to determine why a large distance is between billing and shipping addresses.
  • We may need to determine why differing names are being used across an order. 
  • We may need to determine why your payment details do not match your name.

Please note that there will be a slight delay in processing your order during the above process. 

04: On occasion we may need to ask for further information to be emailed in to confirm identities, especially for first-time customers.

  • This information will only be viewed by Popcultcha and Signifyd staff to determine validity of an order.
  • Please note that your personal privacy is always respected and kept in the strictest confidence. We will never share your details with any third party entities unless authorised by you.

05: Once any affected orders have been approved with sufficient information being provided, your order will continue to be processed as per the normal processing time frames without interruption. 

06: If an order is unable to be approved due to lack of information provided, or we are unable to corroborate information, or no contact from affected customers a cancellation of the affected order will be actioned and a refund of all monies paid asap. 

  • If we have not received a response to our enquiries within a week of your order being placed on hold, we will refund automatically.  

Things To Note! 

Using a VPN/IP Changers or a Hosting Service does trigger our system so we please ask that you have such devices switched off when making any orders.

If an order comes through with such a device being used we may contact you, or we may refund the order and send you an email asking that you re-place the order with the device being switched off.


Please Note: If you do receive a request for information we are not accusing you of any wrong doing, we are just trying to corroborate some inconsistencies in an order to help protect all parties involved. 

Popcultcha Collector Club

Popcultcha Collector Club is our rewards program where you can earn Pennies (rewards points) and redeem them for discounts!

We want to thank you for your loyalty to Popcultcha, so our Collector Club program is our way for us to give back to you, our loyal customer.

Pennies are earned on product purchases, as well as in the following methods by visiting 

  • Earn 2 Popcultcha Pennies for every Australian Dollar spent on products, purchased via our website (excluding shipping).
  • Earn 250 Popcultcha Pennies for creating an online account. 
  • Earn 500 Popcultcha Pennies each year on your Birthday (you'll need to enter your birthday on our Collector Club landing page) .
  • Earn 30 Popcultcha Pennies for reviewing your order (you must follow the link emailed to you following your purchase, reviews placed directly on do not count).
  • Earn 50 Popculctha Pennies for adding a photo to your order review (you must follow the link emailed to you following your purchase, reviews placed directly on the do not count).
  • Earn 70 Popcultcha Pennies for adding a video to your order review (you must follow the link emailed to you following your purchase, reviews placed directly on the do not count).
  • Earn 100 Popcultcha Pennies by following us on Instagram.
  • Earn 100 Popcultcha Pennies by following us on Facebook.
  • Earn 100 Popcultcha Pennies by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Popcultcha Pennies can be redeemed in a number of ways. You can use your pennies for discounts off your orders in the following ways:

  • 250 Popcultcha Pennies = $5 AUD off your next purchase
  • 500 Popcultcha Pennies = $10 AUD off your next purchase
  • 1000 Popcultcha Pennies = $25 AUD off your next purchase
  • 1750 Popcultcha Pennies $50 AUD off your next purchase
  • 2000 Pop Pennies = 10% off your next purchase

To track and redeem your pennies please visit your 'My Account' section of the website and click on 'Pennies and Rewards'... or by using the Popcultcha Collector Club landing page.

Once you select and redeem your Pennies for a reward you will be emailed a discount code to use on your next order. You can also redeem them live in the checkout. Please note, that once you've selected your reward, we can not reverse this, so please choose carefully.

Pennies earned for product purchases are awarded to you once your order is shipped from our warehouse.


Disclaimer - Popcultcha Pennies

Popcultcha Pennies are calculated automatically through the website based on rules relating to your purchases.

Popcultcha reserves the right to adjust the pennies awarded to a customer. We will need to do this from time to time if the website mis-calculates the pennies which should have been awarded to a customer purchase. If in this circumstance Popcultcha adjusts your pennies, you will be notified in writing of such an event.

Further, Popcultcha reserves the right to cancel Popcultcha Pennies or cancel a redemption should the pennies have not been awarded correctly. Again, you will be notified in writing should this event arise.

Popcultcha pennies are not redeemable during sales.

Pennies cannot be used to purchase any online gift cards. 

Pennies must be used at the beginning of a transaction.

Only one Pennies redemption voucher can be used per order.

You can redeem your pennies in the View Cart page before Checking Out, or via the Popcultcha Pennies Pop-Up!

Lastly, Popcultcha reserves the right to change our Popcultcha Pennies reward program at any time without notice.

Phew!! - now all that's out of the way.... happy shopping Cultcha Kids! Knock yourself out!!



Q - How can I redeem pennies?

A - Redeeming pennies is super simple. After you register as a customer, every product you buy while logged into your account earns pennies to spend on anything on our website. You can redeem Pennies at the checkout or via the Popcultcha Pennies Pop-Up on the bottom right of your screen.