Popcultcha Strategic Team

Ash Howard

Popcultcha Director


Andy Walker

General Manager

(Randall J. Stalker Esq.)

Roland Anderson

Inventory Manager

(Token American)

Adam Benson

Customer Solutions Manager


Nick Castles



Our Teams

Popcultcha Retail Management

Alice Wood

Popcultcha Geelong Manager


Brett Peebles

Popcultcha Geelong Manager


James Wilson

Collector Gallery Manager

(Li'l Jimmy Wilson)

Popcultcha Purchasing & Inventory

Sandy Nelson

Purchasing Coordinator


Michael Uldrikis

Purchasing / Inventory Coordinator


Madi Kirchner



Social Media & Marketing

Luke Elphick

Social Media Coordinator


Jess Ryan

Social Media Coordinator

(DJ Jazzy Jess)

Bianca Bella

Purchasing / Social Media Coordinator

(Nickname Pending)

Paul Breguet

Email Marketing Coordinator


Blake Matthews

Photographer / Videographer


Steph Wilson

Content Coordinator

(Nickname Pending)

Web Content

The Content and Marketing team, often refered to as the 'Engine Room' of Popcultcha, is where all of the strategic purchasing, marketing, website management, content entry and design is handled. These fine folks load all of the products on our website, keep your Instagram & Facebook feeds full of rad content, photograph and film all of our hilarious ideas and send you your weekly emails. 

Inventory Management

Without the Inventory team, we'd have no idea where anything was! The Popcultcha Inventory team handle the receiveing of product into our Geelong Warehouse, manage our stock levels and assist our customer support team with finding solutions if any problems happen to arise.

Customer Support & Invoicing

In the Popcultcha bullpen sit our Customer Support and Invoicing team, who are here to help customers with any and all questions or issues they may have, and to process web orders before they are sent out to the Popcultcha Warehouse. You can reach this lovely team anytime via email ( [email protected] )  or phone ( 1300 586 291 / +61 3 5240 7979 ) during our core business hours of 9am - 5:30pm AEST/AEDT. They're always ready and willing to help any way they can.

Brick & Mortar Retail

Pop in to one of our two flagship retail stores in Geelong, Victoria, our Second Chance Showroom at Popcultcha HQ, or on the road at Supanova Expo to meet our dedicated and knowlegable retail staff! We are proud to be continuing on the tradition of Brick and Mortor, and our new Popcultcha store at the old Griffths Bookstore and our Popcultcha Collector Gallery are must-see destinations for anyone travelling to Geelong.


This is the team that get your stock in our boxes and our the door! Every order that is placed with Popcultcha is picked and packed by hand by our dedicated and hardworking warehouse crew. This assortment of guys and gals are experts at packing collectables, so rest assured you purchase will be reaching you safely!