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About Us

Welcome to the world of www.popcultcha.com. Thanks for joining us!

So… where do we begin?


Well… today Popcultcha is Australia’s largest and most extensive on-line store of “pop culture” merchandise Australia has seen. We are a long way from being Australia’s largest on-line store, however, in our little world or industry of cult and quirky, we have worked hard to reach the position we are in today!


What is pop culture merchandise?

Here at Popcultcha we don’t place any constraints on what type of merchandise we sell. We tend to sell what the fans want, which results in a huge range of loot including Action Figures, Toys, Collectables, Bobble Heads, Statues, Props, Cards, Games, Graphic Novels & Books, DVD & Blu-Ray, Gifts & Novelties and of course Apparel.


We specialize in licensed merchandise and we stock the big “pop culture” brands from the most popular TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, Musicians, Artists and Designers such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Assassin’s Creed, Halo etc. The list is endless! If you have reached this section of the site then we assume you have had a little taste of the range on here.


The story…… SO FAR…..

Popcultcha started way back in 1993 when the Howard family from Geelong, Victoria, Australia, opened a little card shop called “Card Mania”. The kids in the Howard family started collecting NBA Basketball cards whilst on a family holiday in the USA and we recognized that cards were quite an extensive industry in North America and it was an opportunity to bring this industry to Australia.


Card Mania opened over 20 years ago as a small shop specializing in sports and non-sports trading cards. It gradually grew over the years and moved into a bigger and more prominent retail store in Geelong.


Card Mania rode the waves of product success in the card industry, which started with NBA Basketball back in the early 90’s and then went onto Pokemon several years later. Next up was the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card boom and there were many to follow and in-between.


Over the past 20 years the products that found their way onto our retail shelves started to shift and change. We found that only a proportion of our store was dedicated to cards and that we had a significant Action Figure, Gift and High-End Collectables offering. As such, it was kinda misleading to keep the business called “Card Mania”.


So back in 2009 we transformed the business into POPCULTCHA. We did this by opening a new flagship Popcultcha Supastore at 124-128 Moorabool Street Geelong, which more accurately showcased our offering to customers. We also launched an on-line store to cater for all those fans who live remotely in Australia and New Zealand.


We also committed to getting out and about doing various shows and conventions around Australia and New Zealand so that we could meet our customers and showcase what we are up to!


So why did we open an on-line store in 2009?

We know ourselves how busy life can be these days. Somehow the world just cranked up a gear over the last 5 years and time became that thing that you used to hang out with…. now just a distant memory!!


Not everyone has time to get down to their local collectables or comic store or to go on dedicated shopping centre tours of duty! So, we are bringing it all right to your home on this (hopefully kick a$$) computer screen! Plus, the world is a very big place and very difficult to shop in one sitting without the help of this whole internetty thing… so welcome to your life www.popcultcha.com


Now you have a one stop shop for all the gear you NEED!


The Popcultcha Standard

We want you to be happy! It’s that simple… really!


We want to be your go to peeps for all your pop culture and collectables needs so it is super important to us that we do not just a good job… but a great job!


We continually strive for 100% customer satisfaction at Popcultcha and we don’t accept anything less.


But we are not silly enough to think that every single transaction that goes through the business does so without any issues.


The one thing you can take away from dealing with Popcultcha is that you are dealing with people… not computers or machines or robots or animals… actual people… ones with feelings and determination to make sure you get your gear in mint condition and as quickly as possible!


All our staff work very hard to make sure your Popcultcha experience is a good one. Sometimes we make mistakes, many people do! What we can tell you is that we ensure our mistakes are fixed really quickly and to no disadvantage to you, the customer.


Popcultcha prides itself on delivering collectables and merchandise to its customers quickly and in great condition. Our staff take the utmost care in handling and packaging your goods, which is evident by the fact that we ship tens of thousands of orders all over the world from month to month and our reputation with our customers is great. We have years of experience in this industry and we know what is important to you… the collector.


We sell good products and we employ good people. We stand behind our products and we stand behind our people! If for some reason you have encountered an issue with your Popcultcha transaction or experience, please email us [email protected] as we want to hear about it and fix it immediately.