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Star Wars - Scout Trooper and Imperial Speeder Bike 1/6th Scale Replica Bundle

Star Wars - Scout Trooper and Imperial Speeder Bike 1/6th Scale Replica Bundle

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

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Star Wars - Scout Trooper and Imperial Speeder Bike 1/6th Scale Replica Bundle

From Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, comes this incredible Imperial Scout Trooper 1/6 Scale Hot Toys Action Figure!
Initially assigned to the forest moon of Endor to patrol and identify enemy positions, these Scout Troopers rose to fame after their part in the iconic chase scene through the woods, trying to capture Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker on their infamous Speeder Bikes. This superior Action Figure features impeccable attention to detail, highlighting the Scout Trooper's durable, lightweight armour, macrobinocular helmet, blaster gun and sniper rifle, utility belt and sidearm holster. This collectible can either be displayed on a forest terrain base, or riding the 1/6 Scale Imperial Speeder Bike, as seen here.

Star Wars - Imperial Speeder Bike 1/6 Scale Hot Toys Action Figure

Bursting out of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, comes the agile, streamlined Imperial Speeder Bike 1/6 Scale Hot Toys Action Figure!
Capable of reaching incredible speeds, these awesome Speeder Bikes whizzed through the trees in an attempt to capture Luke and Leia as they attempted to warn the shield generator stations of the Rebel Alliance. This 1/6 Scale Action Figure features the highly detailed Speeder Bike in all its glory, highlighting its' sleek design and military grade power.

Scout Trooper Features:

  • Fully articulated Prometheus body
  • Detailed Scout Trooper helmet
  • Chest and back armour
  • Right and left shoulder armour
  • Right and left upper arm armour
  • Right and left forearm armour
  • Right and left knee armour
  • Belt with detonator
  • Flightsuit
  • Vest
  • Cummerbund
  • Right and left standing boot tops
  • Right and left action boot tops
  • Right and left boot bottom
  • Hold out blaster pistol
  • Right and left small C-Grip
  • Left large C-Grip
  • Left point finger
  • Right two finger trigger
  • Right one finger trigger
  • Figure support stand
  • Forest Scene Stealer Base Accessory (Patent Pending)

Imperial Speeder Features:

  • Repulsorlift engine
  • Power cell
  • Blaster Cannon
  • Articulated foot pedals
  • Engine flaps
  • Steering Vanes
  • Fabric cover
  • Vehicle support stand
  • Forest Scene Stealer Base Accessory (Patent Pending)

PLEASE NOTE: The Speeder Bike is not factory sealed and has been used for display purposes for a short period. It has not impacted the figure or packaging at all and it is still in perfect condition.

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*All opinions expressed are those of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Popcultcha.
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So damn beautiful
Bearman - Biggest SW Collector! - 24/01/17 - 06:00am
I think it is an incredible deal that sideshow have to include both the speeder bike and scout trooper! People say they dont like the speeder bike.. I LOVE IT! it is truly beautiful! Thank you Popcultcha! :D
Beautiful piece, but poor QC.
Tom - 19/11/16 - 10:43pm
Both of these items look fantastic (despite any small representational inaccuracies that may or may not be present) and make great display pieces - however, the bike is particularly delicate (to the point that I worry about leaving the trooper on it for fear of parts breaking under its weight) and I experienced numerous QC issues - which Popcultcha graciously rectified.
Despite these things, it's an awesome piece and I'm really happy to have it in my collection!
My favourite sideshow piece
jim - 14/06/16 - 01:07am
This sideshow speeder bike looks fantastic. The detail is amazing in all areas. It has a poor design when assembling. the instructions can be hard to follow at times. i found the handle bars extremely hard to attach to the main frame of the speeder so i had to use boiling water to insert the handles. I love the look of the leavers however they are poorly designed.

Besides its poor assembling, I do absolutely love this speeder bike and I recommend buying the bundle including the scout trooper.
Star Wars fans rejoice!
Blackops74 - 17/09/15 - 11:00am
Besides a few minor nitpicks like handlebars being out of shape (can be fixed with boiling water treatment), this stands as a brilliant addition to any Star Wars collection. The detail on the bike is brilliant and Sideshow have almost got the scout spot on. You just can't beat having this on display. Get it while it's still available!

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