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Star Trek - Spock 1/6th Scale Exclusive Action Figure

Star Trek - Spock 1/6th Scale Exclusive Action Figure

Manufacturer: Quantum Mechanix


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Star Trek - Spock 1/6th Scale Exclusive Action Figure

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.”

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek™: The Original Series (TOS), Quantum Mechanix have released this Exclusive 1/6th Scale action figure of the legendary Mr. Spock!

For fan's of Gene Roddenberry's masterful 1960's sci-fi television program, this stand-out high end figure is certain to become a key part of any Star Trek collection. 

Explore Spock's lengthy list of amazing features!

  • Direct through QMx and selected retailers only, get this special edition Spock articulated figure with a 1:6-scale Vulcan lyre!

  • Fully Articulated Body: More than 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses, approximately 30 cm tall.

  • Realistic Portrait: Lovingly rendered by a top artist, this is a perfect likeness of Spock with realistic wrinkles and pointy ears. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted.
  • Starfleet Duty Uniform Tunic: Meticulously researched, this duty uniform tunic matches the pattern, fabric and color of the original costume down to the last stitch. The sleeves are trimmed with accurate and detailed braid insignia.
  • Starfleet Standard Issue Black T-Shirt: This regulation black tee is worn under the tunic.
  • Starfleet Duty Uniform Pants: This faithful replica of the pants worn by the Enterprise crew in Star Trek™: TOS features the characteristic bell-shaped leg. Metal plates sewn into the pants allow the magnetic phaser and communicator to be worn without the belt.
  • Boots: Using leather-like material cut in the original style of the footwear worn in Star Trek™: TOS, these boots zip up on the inside.
  • Star Trek Delta Symbol Display Base: A custom display base featuring the familiar Star Trek delta symbol will hold up the figure and allow more extreme poses.

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Reviews *All opinions expressed are those of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Popcultcha.
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*All opinions expressed are those of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Popcultcha.
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Go ahead and Beam him into your cart...you know you want to.
Jase - 12/08/17 - 07:33am
QMX is boldly going where no Toy Company has gone before....and that is making the finest 1/6 scale collectibles of our favorite Space Explorers! These figures are drop dead gorgeous. Kirk looks like Shatner, Spock screams Nimoy, and Bones....is Kelley. In fact Bones looks so much like Deforest Kelley I swear I can smell the bourbon on his little 1/6 scale lips. These figures are all on a more buff buck body then QMX used on their Malcolm Reynolds Firefly figure and that's a good thing. It's a better quality body. On Kirk they even added a padded top to give him his Shatner girth. Again what tops these figures off is the outstanding head sculpts. If you can say a piece is gorgeous then these all fit the bill. The uniforms despite being simple in design are all excuted perfectly. Each figure has two of the same accessories the two part phaser and communicator. After that the individual accessories are character specific and are done very well. Paint is precise and neat - I have all 3 figures and none of them have and "slop" type paint. The patent leather boots are sweet too along with their individual Star Fleet insignia stands with character names on the bottom. Which makes for a very neat and beautiful display. My only nit pick...is on the first two releases Kirk and Spock the magnets used to hold the phaser and communicator of using the belt included are pretty weak and you have to do a little futzing to find the sweet spot so they will stay. To QMX's credit by the time they released Bones they corrected this and it is no longer an issue as his magnets are super strong and the accessories attach with ease. Oh, and one last think the black slip cover boxes while simple are beautifully elegant and collector friendly. I can't state how well made these are. If you saw these in person and didn't know QMX made these and someone told you these were by Hot Toys or Enterbay...you would never doubt it. That's why I keep saying to people QMX is really the new 1/6 scale company to watch. They are really doing a lot of stuff right and are quick to fix and QC issue to bring a superior product to market.
As always thanks for reading.
Take care ~ Jase
Best Spock figure there is
Adrian - 27/02/17 - 03:13am
A top figure with a great likeness, and if you order through Popcultcha you get the Vulcan Lyre! Most places in Aus won't sell the version including the lyre, and the shipping costs from manufacturer Quantum Mechanix make buying from there impossible for Aussies. With the lyre, all your Charlie X re-enactment fantasies can come true. No other Star Trek figure comes close. I really have zero complaints. Be sure to get Kirk too!

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