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Our Staff



[email protected]

Ash has a background in Law and Accounting. Having worked as a Lawyer and Accountant in Melbourne and London, Ash has returned to his hometown of Geelong to build on the existing business and to help in making Popcultcha Australia's most extensive on-line store in the area of Collectables, Toys, Gifts and Music Merchandise.

In his spare time, Ash goes to music gigs and is also a mediocre football player! 




Ebay Manager and Fantasy Football League Champ

[email protected]

Nigel is Popcultcha's longest serving employee (not that he's old, cos he's not!) and is in charge of all things Ebay! No-one knows the Popcultcha stock like Nigel, he knows where everything is and is always happy to help us out when we're lost and confused.

In his spare time, Nigel beats everyone at poker and spends lots of time with his wifey and sons. 




Gallery Manager and Pwner of Noobs

[email protected]

Michael has taken the Popcultcha Collector Gallery by storm and has set a new standard for excellence in Geelong. Pop on in and say G’Day to Michael in our epic gallery, he practically works every day  as we never give him time off.

If, on the rare occasion, we do give Michael a day off, he enjoys rock-climbing!




Store Manager

[email protected]

Allyra is our store manager who runs the show at Popcultcha Supastore.

When she's not busy working you can usually find her with her nose stuck in a book and snacking on all the unhealthy things.




Purchasing Manager and Moral Booster

[email protected]

Roland has been with Popcultcha since 2013 and has been awesome at a number of roles, finally settling himself as our Purchasing Manager. Anytime you see a weird and wonderful book on our site, you've got Roland to thank!

In his spare time, Roland enjoys adding potato chips to his sandwiches (don't worry, we think it's weird too) and spending time with his lovely wife and kiddies.




Events Manager and Percussionist Extraordinaire

[email protected]

After 10 years of organising music festivals and booking bands, Matt hung up his rockstar boots and left the music biz to manage all Popcultcha’s events and conventions.

In his spare time Matt teaches & plays drums, and spends time with his wife, toddler and staffy.




Digital Media Manager and Part Time Rockstar

[email protected]

Robin not only makes our website look outstanding, he's also our in house photographer and videographer! Is there anything he can't do?! (Yes - stay out in the sun too long!)

In his spare time, Robin enjoys soulfully serenading people.




Content and Marketing Manager and Art Aficionado

[email protected] 

Andy spends his days loading tonnes of items onto our website and keeping track of the dates that pre-orders are to arrive.

In his spare time, Andy is an Artist and has exhibited some of his work here in Geelong!




Retail Assistant 

[email protected] 

When she's not serving customers at the Geelong store, Bella is taking decorating to the next level, head to the Geelong Supastore to check out her awsome displays.

In her spare time she enjoys eating Japanese, reading fantasy novels and sleeping.




Toy Emporer and Star Trek Fanatic

[email protected]

Ben is our Customer Service Leader and loves meeting all our lovely customers! Ben is always up for a chat about Star Trek or Doctor Who or Firefly or Invader Zim... Anything awesome really!

In his spare time, Ben adds to his amazing collection of Sci-Fi goodies.




Toy Master and Scooter Enthusiast

[email protected]

Toby is one of our Customer Service superstars, joining the Popcultcha crew in 2014. Spending much of his day answering email and phone enquiries, Toby loves getting to know our Popcultcha customers!

In his spare time, Toby enjoys riding his bike dressed as Batman and providing the office with tonnes of sour worms.



Adam K (Dijon)

Toy Master and Zombie Aficionado

[email protected]

Another of our Customer Service superstars, Adam began at Popcultcha in 2015. Adam chiefly spends his time answering queries through social media and over the phone.

Outside from work, Adam runs TV Marathons on his couch and spends time with his two Labradors.



The Rest Of Our Customer Service Team

Customer Service / Toy Masters

[email protected]

Benji, Eddie, Tash And Will are also here to assist you with any queries you have about products, orders or our website.

There’s one of the team of 7 us to answer every question for every customer, so please be patient with us if we don’t immediately respond!



The Invoicing Team

Order Processing

We have an office full of dedicated people working hard to ensure your orders are processed quickly and accurately from our website system.

The team consists of Rory 2.0, Christian, Tracy, Maddie, Lisa, Zoe, Haidee and many more!



Warehouse Staff

Varying roles

We have a number of excellent ladies and gentlemen in our warehouse staff including Caz, Kelly, Karen, Sanja, Von, Katy, Ros, Ty, Jess, Luke, Eddie, Mick, Kieran, Adam, Marie and so many more that make sure all your orders get out safely and quickly!