Midnight Oil - The Complete Vinyl Box Set 13xLP Vinyl Record

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Midnight Oil - The Complete Vinyl Box Set 13xLP Vinyl Record

This definitive Oils' collection includes all of Midnight Oil's 11 classic studio LP's, plus their two 12" EPs on 180gm Vinyl in one complete box. Each vinyl has been remastered from the original tapes by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney and then mastered for Vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, London. The artwork has been painstakingly restored to match the original releases and this deluxe box set includes the original alternative album cover for “Capricornia".

Midnight Oil is more than just a rock & roll band. From their beginnings as an inner city punk group gigging around Australian pubs in the late 70's they grew into one of Australia's most successful international rock bands in the 80's and 90's. Midnight Oil followed nobody else's rules. They blazed trails, they took stands and they pushed all boundaries. Most importantly, across a quarter of a century this iconic band created a uniquely Australian sound that is captured here in one complete vinyl collection for the very first time.

Pressed on Classic Black Vinyl.



Midnight Oil

Side A:

  1. Powderworks
  2. Head Over Heels
  3. Dust
  4. Used And Abused

Side B:

  1. Surfing With A Spoon
  2. Run By Night
  3. Nothing Lost - Nothing Gained

Head Injuries

Side C:

  1. Cold Cold Change
  2. Section 5 (Bus To Bondi)
  3. Naked Flame
  4. Back On The Borderline
  5. Koala Sprint

Side D:

  1. No Reaction
  2. Stand In Line
  3. Profiteers
  4. Is It Now?

Bird Noises (EP)

Side E:

  1. No Time For Games
  2. Knife's Edge

Side F:

  1. Wedding Cake Island
  2. I'm The Cure

Place Without A Postcard

Side G:

  1. Don't Wanna Be The One
  2. Brave Faces
  3. Armistice Day
  4. Someone Else To Blame
  5. Basement Flat
  6. Written In The Heart

Side H:

  1. Burnie
  2. Quinella Holiday
  3. Loves On Sale
  4. If Ned Kelly Was King
  5. Lucky Country


Side I:

  1. Outside World
  2. Only The Strong
  3. Short Memory
  4. Read About It
  5. Scream In Blue

Side J:

  1. US Forces
  2. Power And The Passion
  3. Maralinga
  4. Tin Legs And Tin Mines
  5. Somebody's Trying To Tell Me Something

Red Sails In The Sunset

Side K:

  1. When The Generals Talk
  2. Best Of Both Worlds
  3. Sleep
  4. Minutes To Midnight
  5. Jimmy Sharman's Boxers
  6. Bakerman

Side L:

  1. Who Can Stand In The Way
  2. Kosciusko
  3. Helps Me Helps You
  4. Harrisburg
  5. Bells And Horns In The Back Of Beyond
  6. Shipyards Of New Zealand

Species Deceases (EP)

Side M:

  1. Progress
  2. Hercules

Side N:

  1. Blossom And Blood
  2. Pictures

Diesel And Dust

Side O:

  1. Beds Are Burning
  2. Put Down That Weapon
  3. Dreamworld
  4. Arctic World
  5. Warakurna

Side P:

  1. The Dead Heart
  2. Whoah
  3. Bullroarer
  4. Sell My Soul
  5. Sometimes

Blue Sky Mining

Side Q:

  1. Blue Sky Mine
  2. Stars Of Warburton
  3. Bedlam Bridge
  4. Forgotten Years
  5. Mountains Of Burma (Incorrectly Pressed As "Stars Of Warburton")

Side R:

  1. King Of The Mountain
  2. River Runs Red
  3. Shakers And Movers
  4. One Country
  5. Antarctica

Earth And Sun And Moon

Side S:

  1. Feeding Frenzy
  2. My Country
  3. Renaissance Man
  4. Earth And Sun And Moon
  5. Truganini
  6. Bushfire

Side T:

  1. Drums Of Heaven
  2. Outbreak Of Love
  3. In The Valley
  4. Tell Me The Truth
  5. Now Or Neverland


Side U:

  1. Underwater
  2. Surf's Up Tonight
  3. Common Ground
  4. Time To Heal
  5. Sins Of Omission
  6. One Too Many Times

Side V:

  1. Star Of Hope
  2. In The Rain
  3. Bring On The Change
  4. Home
  5. E-Beat
  6. Barest Degree
  7. Gravelrash

Redneck Wonderland

Side W:

  1. Redneck Wonderland
  2. Concrete
  3. Cemetery In My Mind
  4. Comfortable Place On The Couch
  5. Safety Chain Blues
  6. Return To Sender

Side X:

  1. Blot
  2. The Great Gibber Plain
  3. Seeing Is Believing
  4. White Skin Black Heart
  5. What Goes On
  6. Drop In The Ocean


Side Y:

  1. Golden Age
  2. Too Much Sunshine
  3. Capricornia
  4. Luritja Way
  5. Tone Poem
  6. A Crocodile Cries
  7. Mosquito March

Side Z:

  1. Say Your Prayers
  2. Been Away Too Long
  3. Under The Overpass
  4. World That I See
  5. Poets And Slaves


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