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Iron Man 3 - Iron Man Mark XLII (42) Deluxe 1/4 Scale Hot Toys Action Figure

Iron Man 3 - Iron Man Mark XLII (42) Deluxe 1/4 Scale Hot Toys Action Figure

Manufacturer: Hot Toys


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Iron Man 3 - Iron Man Mark XLII (42) Deluxe 1/4 Scale Hot Toys Action Figure

After the events of the first Avengers film Tony Stark’s world was torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin forcing him to rebuild his legacy. The main suit he wears for his great battle is the Mark XLII. 

This movie-accuare quarter scale MARK XLII is incredibly detailed and meticulously crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the Marl XLII suit. This figure stands at approximately 20” tall with a newly sculpted battle-damaged armour parts and a battery booster Tony Start used to recharge the armour in the film. There are various light-up functions throughout the figure. The deluxe version comes exclusively with a specially-designed Arc Reactor-themed figure base.

Features and Contents:

  • Authentic likeness of Mark XLII from Iron Man 3
  • Newly sculpted battle damaged helmeted head sculpt with authentic likeness of Robert Downey Jr
  • Interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up function
  • Approximately 49cm tall
  • Over 40 points or articulation
  • LED-lighted eyes and arc-reactor
  • Lights shine through sides of chest, forearms and back of legs
  • 1 interchangeable battle damaged mask
  • 1 interchangeable battle damaged chest piece
  • 1 interchangeable battle damaged bicep
  • 1 interchangeable battle damaged forearm armour
  • 1 pair of interchangeable forearm rocket armour
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable hands
  • 1 articulated flash bang
  • 1 battery booster with electrical cables
  • 1 specially designed Art Reactor-themed figure base with LED light up function, debatable gantry arms and Mark XLII nameplate (deluxe version exclusive)

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*All opinions expressed are those of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Popcultcha.
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My favourite armour
Chris - 08/03/18 - 12:26am
I love this figure, it is the centrepiece of my collection. I didn’t like the proportions on the 1/6 scale but Hot Toys have nailed it on the 1/4! My only gripe with an otherwise amazing figure is that they put the light switch on the base on the underside of the stand so you have to disassemble it to turn it on. Consider a soap reactor to get around it! Got it 10% off with my pennies! Woohoo!
worth the money
collector jones - 16/12/17 - 10:59am
as soon as i finished setting up the gantry, i knew for a fact that i'll never buy 1/6 scale anymore. this figure is lit!! it looks like a trophy from a championship game. definitely worth the money!! buy one before it's gone.
Jack - 21/07/17 - 11:09am
The figure is pretty awesome, good action, good head of tony. However, the lighting switch of the basic is unreasonable design. Overall the performance of the MK42 is great.
Get Deluxe if you can, TRuly Impressive Figure
Paul - 22/03/17 - 05:17pm
This figure has insane value for the price. Especially when compared to the QS Mark 45 which is pretty bare in terms of accessories and lacks a head sculpt.
This head sculpt is truly impressive with the massive cut above his eye that looks truly realistic. The paint app on the face is crazy, he appears like he is sweaty and there are actual reflections in the eyes. The iris does appear wet, which gives it a huge boost of realism. The eyes are not cross eyed when you hold it in your hand. Some bloggers have posted pictures where he looks kind of derpy when shot in close up. This problem does not exist in hand.
The base is incredible and adds a good 5-6 inches to the towering height of the figure. You will need a cabinet or shelf space of at least 26 inches high and 12-13 inches wide. A Detolf will fit it fine.
The battle damaged parts are really well done. My only nitpick is that there should be battle damaged parts for the legs. When the top of his suit is so trashed but the bottom only has a few scrapes it can be a little uneven. It does not take away from the shelf presence of this figure in any way though. Light up features are great and there are plenty of air flaps on his legs and back. Highly highly recomend this figure, especially if you like the Mark 42 at all. The best minute detail is on the right arm of the figure. A small Mk 42 insignia, which is a reference to the joke in Iron Man 3 where Pepper asks if the suit is the "Mark 15 or something?" And Tony replies, "Yeah something like that" after glancing at it.
Deluxe All the Way
TKM - 14/03/17 - 12:45am
Received this deluxe version. Its worth the wait and extra money from the normal version. The base is one of the best that replicate the scene in iron man 3. Articulation is at its best for 1.4 scale. The gold is a nice touch that set apart from the rest of the red iron man suits.

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