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Fallout - Super Mutant Pop! Vinyl Figure

Fallout - Super Mutant Pop! Vinyl Figure

Manufacturer: Funko


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Fallout - Super Mutant Pop! Vinyl Figure

We know you are excited about the announcement of Fallout 4, so what better way to pass that tedious waiting time than with these new Fallout Pop! Vinyl figures by Funko!

The acclaimed video game series places you in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of what is left of the United States. Years earlier, the world’s petroleum reserves depleted leading to a two hour nuclear war that changed the face of the world into a barren wasteland, alongside creating an unsettling amount of ghouls, monsters and other walking nightmares. Society cowered in Vaults underground for protection for years and years… unaware of what the world had become. What would happen if these vaults were to finally open? 

Super Mutants were once humans until infected with the Forced Evolutionary Virus. They are taller, bulkier and a heck of a lot more muscular than pure strain humans. They are immune to disease and radiation and have superhuman strength. This big guy stands with weapon in hand ready for action, and will make an awesome addition to your Pop! Vinyl collection. 

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*All opinions expressed are those of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Popcultcha.
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Pwnography6 - 22/04/16 - 08:01am
I had been waiting for fallout Pops since I started collecting so this was a no brainer. The quality is amazing and the addition of the hammer was a nice touch. Really hoping they continue on with some more post apocalypse pops as Id love to see some Mad Max ones.
Really Rad!
Liam - 13/03/16 - 01:32am
I really like the way they painted his skin. His pose is really cool and makes him look tough. It kind of looks like he has eyeshadow on though lol
Super COOL
Jem - 04/01/16 - 01:17pm
Second fav pop in the fallout line behind the Brotherhood of Steel.
The sledgehammer is great!

The only disappointing thing about this pop is that the paint jobs aren't as detailed as they are in the promo photos. Mine didn't come with the grimy, dirty face.

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