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Batman - The Dark Knight - Batman Armory with Alfred Pennyworth 1/6th Scale Hot Toys Action Figure

Batman - The Dark Knight - Batman Armory with Alfred Pennyworth 1/6th Scale Hot Toys Action Figure

Manufacturer: Hot Toys

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Alfred Pennyworth: I suppose they'll lock me up as well. As your accomplice...

Bruce Wayne: Accomplice? I'm going to tell them the whole thing was your idea.

From the 2008 hit The Dark Knight, this awesome set comes with a fully equipped armoury with light-up features, functioning doors and shelves, and meticulous attention to detail, Batman’s specialized armory stores all of his state-of-the-art weaponry and gadgets.

Also included in this set:

- A screen accurate Batman sixth scale figure with patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), four newly sculpted interchangeable expressions, along with a detailed fabric costume with armor based on the costume design from the film and large collection of finely sculpted weapons and accessories. 

- The Alfred Pennyworth sixth scale figure features a newly designed, screen accurate portrait of the renowned Academy Award winner, Sir Michael Caine as Alfred, and a finely tailored fabric costume with striking details.    


The 1/6th scale Batman Armory (with Batman Collectible Figure) Collectible specially features:
- Authentically detailed 1/6th scale Batman Armory in The Dark Knight
- Approximately 37 cm tall
- Movable armory doors
- Movable armory shelves
- Light-up function on armory ceiling with remote control

- One (1) Batman head with patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and four (4) newly sculpted interchangeable lower part of faces capturing his classic facial expressions
- One (1) complex Batman body featuring fabric material covered with armor
- One (1) Batsuit collar
- One (1) black cape
- One (1) pair of black boots
- Six (6) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including:
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of relaxed palms
- One (1) left open palm
- One (1) right palm for holding batarang

- One (1) surudoi saw
- One (1) nunchuck
- One (1) cutter
- Two (2) smoke bombs
- Three (3) sticky-bomb guns
- Three (3) grappling guns
- Three (3) Batarangs for attaching to utility belt
- Four (4) mini mines
- Six (6) ninja spikes
- Eight (8) Batarangs

- One (1) set of wire
- One (1) antidote injector
- One (1) drill
- One (1) set of drill bits
- One (1) big hook
- Two (2) holders for Batarangs attachable to utility belt
- Three (3) utility belts
- Three (3) gun holders
- Three (3) holders attachable to utility belt
- Four (4) hooks
- Five (5) sets of grappling gun clips
- Fourteen (14) mini canisters
- Fifteen (15) pouches
- Twenty seven (27) rounds of ammo
- Armory stand with the movie logo

The 1/6th scale Alfred Pennyworth Collectible Figure’s special features:
- Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Sir Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight
- Movie-accurate facial features with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
- Approximately 30 cm tall
- Body with over 30 points of articulations
- Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of relaxed palms
- One (1) pair of holding palms
- One (1) right palm for holding batarang
- Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

- One (1) white shirt
- One (1) red tie
- One (1) black vest
- One (1) black blazer
- One (1) black coat
- One (1) pair of black pants
- One (1) pair of black shoes

- Figure stand with Alfred Pennyworth nameplate and the movie logo

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*All opinions expressed are those of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Popcultcha.
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Batman armoury review
Robert - 14/10/17 - 09:15pm
The Hot Toys Batman Armoury takes centre stage in my Hot Toys collection. Upon purchasing this from Popcultcha and unboxing the item I was blown away by the immense detail. The figures themselves are timeless classics. The Armoury, with its remote controlled lights, opening doors, and weathered finish, relive the movies scene of Batmans headquarters. The magnitude of weapons that come with the armoury are extensive. From grappling guns, to batarangs, and the complete arsenal from the movie
I'm stoked to have this in my collection and highly recommend it to anyone whom loves Batman
Value for money!
Cat - 30/06/17 - 11:29pm
Incredible set! It's definitely value for money considering how much you get with it. The Batman figure can either be displayed in the armory or have him as a standalone figure! Score! The Michael Caine sculpt is perfectly accurate, as well as the face plates that are included with Batman. Really great set if you're a Batman fan or trying to complete your TDK collection.
COLLINS MAN - 03/03/16 - 10:26pm
What more can i say? This set is perfect ! The armoury is worth it alone, so many bat-goodies and it lights up. You get a Bale in cowl head sculpt, So you end up with Batman anyway (SCORE!!)
Michael Cain Alfred hot toy gives you all the chills and emotion he displays in the movie, brings a tear to your eyes.

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